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meet Robert.

Hi! I’m Rob McArtor. I’ve been a photographer since I was 15 and, as you can see from the photograph, that’s been a while. I grew up in the Southern California high desert and in my forties, migrated to Northern Nevada. I can’t think of two more interesting and beautiful places to practice fine-art photography!

Meet Micki.

Hello! My name is Micki McArtor. I am relatively new to the field of fine-art photography, having been introduced to the concept by my husband, Rob, while he and I were dating. During several photographic excursions (a good excuse to get to spend time together!), Rob taught me a whole new way of “seeing” – looking at a scene with an eye for color and creative composition.


Every image has a story - a memory; a feeling - the essence of a moment in time. When you order an image from us, you will receive the story behind the image. Let us beautify your world, and share our stories with you - along with our images.


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I have long considered myself to be a pretty good photographer. I took classes on photography and I can frame a shot well, use depth of field, shutter speed, and other techniques to make a nice shot. But then I saw the photos taken by the Mc Artors and, wow! Their photos exceed the quality of my own by a significant margin. I am amazed at the skill that is apparent in composition and quality of their photos. I love their work and I know you will too.

Earl, St. James Village, Reno, NV

I have always appreciated the art of photography, especially in photographs showcasing celestial themes.

Rob Mc Artor’s recent photograph of the total solar eclipse is one of the most spectacular photographs I’ve ever seen.  This work captures the awesome wonder of this rare event.

Though the photo captures a brief moment in time, it also gives the viewer a real sense of our Earth and Moon hurtling through space together, something you can actually feel. This is a work of art just as rare and beautiful perhaps, as what he’s photographed!

Leroy, Reno, NV

I don’t often notice art or photography when I’m out in public, but occasionally outstanding work catches my eye. This is the case with the photographic art of Robert P. McArtor…OUTSTANDING in every minute detail. Carefully crafted or naturally, artfully captured, it is ALL splendid!

Jonathan, Ridgecrest, CA

Rob McArtor is an excellent and professional photographer with a keen eye for not only beauty but composition that pleases the eye with its uniqueness. He is imaginative and enthusiastic which shows in all of his photography.

Marie, Ridgecrest, CA

I first met Rob at a few years ago at a  group event for photography. Rob knew so much about photography and taking the best shots. Any time our group went out of town for a group shoot I was thrilled to be riding with Rob and his wife. I found Rob’s photos to be so professional and just amazing to look at it. He does have a great photographers eye and knowledge for taking the best photographs.

Joanne, Reno, NV

Rob has an uncanny ability to not only frame the subject perfectly, but to capture the mood of the scene as well.  His photos are crystal clear, colorful, and speak to my emotions. Some of my favorites that grace the walls of this office are the ones that capture a strong sense of serenity in an environment of the somewhat constant flurry of a hectic business.

JB, Gardnerville, NV

Rob is one of the best new photographers in Reno!  He is not afraid to go ‘out of the box’ as he envisions what a lot of us think about, but cannot see!  His “Slide Mountain Reflections” is an instant classic, and his “Sea Fury at Pylon Four” makes the image seem to jump off the canvas at you!  Very clever camera use!

Dave, Reno, NV

Rob has enjoyed a lifetime passion for photography.  We went along for the ride during the solar eclipse in 2017.  Rob’s photos of this event were extraordinary and professionally thought out.

Rick and Ruth, Elder, SD

Rob’s artwork has turned our dull office hallways into a vibrant and fascinating space.  I’ve had numerous people comment on how Rob’s photography has made them stop for a moment and enjoy the art around them.  It has certainly made a difference.

Jared, Reno, NV

Thank you for the photograph, Robert!

Beautiful work.

Ash, 2BGlass, Auburn, CA

I seldom put any pictures or artwork on my office walls, but after seeing Rob and Micki’s work, I’m convinced I need some. Their images are so restful and serene, I think having them in my office will make the work environment in my rather hectic profession more peaceful and soothing. I can hardly wait to get the five Japanese garden images put up.

Lucinda, Reno, NV

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