Micki’s Story

Hello!  My name is Micki  Mc Artor. I am relatively new to the field of fine-art photography, having been introduced to the concept by my husband, Rob, while he and I were dating.  During several photographic excursions (a good excuse to get to spend time together!), Rob taught me a whole new way of “seeing” – looking at a scene with an eye for color and creative composition. I had the attitude, before his tutelage, that “trees were green” and that was that.  Rob pointed out what most people, including me, take for granted and never really notice – that the greens (plural!) on the sunlit side of the trees were different from those on the shady side and the sky was not just “blue,” but a combination of many colors depending on the time of day.  This was a major revelation for me. Since then, I have started helping Rob capture frame-worthy images, even though I have a much simpler camera than he does.  He pointed out to me what Joel Sartori, a National Geographic photographer, said in one of his video trainings: it doesn’t matter what kind of camera you have – it’s the art of seeing.  Great photographs can be taken with a “point-and-shoot” camera just as easily as with the most expensive DSLR. While I spent over 30 years in the same town Rob grew up in, my husband at the time was not an explorer, unless you consider the TV remote uncharted territory.  It wasn’t until I met Rob (after my previous husband passed away) that I was exposed to the magnificent aspects of the immediate locale and nearby regions.  We first explored parts of the Owens River Valley and then made an excursion into Death Valley National Park.  I had never been to either one, except passing through, and my range of experience was limited to the highway in and out.  Rob took me off the main roads and into a whole new world, as it were!  We continue to travel to strange new places, just us or with other like-minded and creative people through Meetup groups.  My mind and vision is constantly being stretched to new dimensions! In Rob’s opinion (but he’s prejudiced – he’s my husband) I have a knack and talent for framing good scenes in the viewfinder and capturing excellent images.  I’ll let you be the judge(s).  Some of the images on this website are mine.  After all, we both have the same last name now, and are both members of “Mc Artor Photo Imagery,” so I can claim title just as much as he can, no?  The only way you’ll be able to tell which are whose is if you look at embedded copyright in each photograph.  In the meantime, I hope you are happy enough with any of the images on this site that you’ll consider beautifying your home or office with one of our prints.  Thank you for visiting our website – please enjoy our take on this lovely world God created for us!